Making a Quarter Scale Candy Corn House

Page Two - October 9th through 14th - Trials & Tribulations & the Finished House!

I'll be working on the door soon, so I decided
to make a doorknob.  A tiny candy corn
doorknob of course, which is carved from wood.

I've also started working on the windows.  You
can see them there on the plastic lid where I
painted them.  The scribbles on the card under
the lid is the paint formula I used to mix the orange,
which I wrote down so I can mix the same color
when I paint the outside.

I've installed the bottom window and have
been working on the front stairs.

This is when I realize I have a problem.  The
steps are not even on both sides of the house, which
means that the base is not even.  Once again
I've rushed headlong into a project without proper
planning :(  Now I've got to fix the base.

I set the base on a piece of paper and traced around
it.  Based on the center line markings on the first floor
of the house, the center of the stairs, and the opening
on the sides, I determined the center and marked at
right angles out from that to divide the base into
quarters.  The red line is the current base.  The
black line is how far off I am on the left!

I originally intended to make the back of the base
(with no steps) smaller than the front, but have now
decided that it should be even all the way around.

I transferred the new pattern onto a scrap of
quarter-inch foamcore and cut out the opening.

I'm going to use this as a mold for enlarging the base.

I've put the house into the hole in the foamcore
and packed paperclay in all around the base to
create the new base.

Now I've lifted off the foamcore.  I'm not
worried about the edges at this point, since if
I try to fix them now I will likely destroy the
shape of the base.  I did work on the
front stairs and stair railing though, and the
foamcore scraps you see in the photo are
there to hold the railing at an even distance
away from the house until the paperclay dries.

Note - I have not installed the top window
because I think I might want to get a paintbrush
through there to paint the back of the steps.
I'm just letting you know that on rare occasion
I do think ahead ;)

While waiting for the clay to dry, I made some
hardware.  A "kickstand" to hold the house open,
and a latch and pin to hold it closed.
Yep, it's little brass candy corns this time.

I've installed the kickstand - it's taped to the
base so it won't move around while it dries.

I've also been working on the inside steps
and railing.  Since I had the brass candy
corn pins for the latch, I pressed them into
the paperclay along the side of the bottom
stairs to create a design.
The top rail pin is carved wood, with
yet another tiny candy corn atop it, and the
rest of the stairs and railing are watercolor
paper and paperclay.

I've sanded the base, I'm ready to install the door, and then.....
another problem.  How am I going to hinge this door???  With the shape and
angle of the door/house front, hinges on the side won't work.  Gee, I wish I had thought of
this BEFORE I installed the front steps!

I determined that the only way to hinge
this is by finding the closest right-angle point
from the base to the top of the door, then
installing a rod through the door with tubes
on both ends to allow the door to swivel.
Might work.  Here I've carved out a slot
in the door, inserted the rod, and filled in
the slot with clay.  The small tube in the
lower right corner of the photo will be the
hinge at the top, it's cut at an angle that
matches the door frame.

and here is the other tube which will
receive the pin on the bottom end.

It's kind of hard to see in the photo, but
here is the tube and door installed into
the slot I cut underneath the overhang.

Now I will cover that with paperclay
and allow it to dry, then see how the
door works!

Might as well install the latch
while I'm waiting for the door frame
to dry.

I've also marked where I intend
to paint, although I've got a lot of
sanding and filling yet to do.

Hey, the door works!

After I delineated the areas
to be painted, I decided something
was upper window
flower box!

Now all that's left to do is sand the rough spots and paint! Oh, and install that top window AFTER
I paint the inside, and install the door knob.

I'm done!!!!


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